Partners Convene in Rogaška Slatina for a Third Partner Meeting

Date: 10.04.2024
Representatives from twelve partnering organizations gathered in the picturesque town of Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia on April 10th and 11th for a third partner meeting of the Circular WEEEP project.

The meeting was an opportunity for an open exchange of ideas, elaboration of project activities and discussion of important topics such as sustainability and the importance of proper management of electronic and electrical waste.

A standout moment of the gathering was the visit to the Center for Reuse (CPU), situated within the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina, operating in cooperation with the public utility company OKP. As one of four such centers in Slovenia, CPU boasts an impressive 25-year track record in waste prevention and reuse programs.

During the visit, participants immersed themselves in hands-on activities and gained valuable insights through exchanges with CPU experts. From crafting unique jewelry using electronic waste to mastering device repairs and creating new clothing items from existing materials, the experience underscored the transformative potential of creativity in addressing waste challenges and advancing environmental sustainability.

The partnership meeting not only marked a significant milestone for the Circular WEEEP project but also underscored the strength of collaboration among its participants. It served as a testament to the collective knowledge and experience shared in the realms of waste management and sustainable development.

Heartfelt appreciation was extended to the gracious hosts, the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina and CPU, for orchestrating a seamless and memorable gathering in a setting reminiscent of a fairy tale. Their efforts contributed to fostering an environment conducive to fruitful collaboration and meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.