First Open Innovation Camp in the Czech Republic

Date: 12.02.2024
In February, our project partners the Technical University of Liberec hosted their first open Innovation camp. The open camp aimed to provide a unique opportunity for people with spinal cord injuries who striving to find common solutions to their problems, and emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing healthcare technologies and innovations, particularly aimed at enhancing treatments and care for patients with spinal injuries. Twelve former patients of the Spinal Unit participated in the event where they took part in engaging activities, including workshops, lectures, exercises, and practical examples. The aim was to map their treatment process, identify its problematic parts, and suggest options for possible improvements. The Innovation Camp was a joint effort by the Spinal Unit of Liberec Regional Hospital, the Faculty of Health Studies at TUL, and the DEX Innovation Centre. The event aimed to obtain data for the design of solutions that can improve their care and quality of life.