On 22 and 23 May, the FOOD4CE project review meeting was held in Budapest, during which the consortium made a study visit to the Budapest Marketplace

Date: 27.05.2024
By: Food4CE

On Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 23 May, the FOOD4CE project review meeting was held in Budapest, hosted by the Hungarian partner Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences – MATE.

Two incredible days of in-person work with all project partners to discuss the project’s progress and important steps to be taken in the upcoming months. A little sneak peek? The launch of Innovation Hubs in the five regions involved – Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Poland – in the fall.

The event marked a significant milestone in our journey to support Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) in their efforts to create a sustainable and resilient Food Supply System. Exchange of ideas, collaboration, and strategic planning were the focus of the meeting, which allowed for discussion of future activities and strategies to be implemented.

But that’s not all: the meeting was also an opportunity to closely study an iconic reality of the city: the Budapest Market Hall, where products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and more, sourced from local Hungarian producers, are transported to be sold to the public. A virtuous example of sustainability that enables a stronger connection between local producers, AFNs and end consumers. But we will tell you much more about all this very soon!


Finally, special thanks to FOOD4CE Hungarian partner Magyar Agrár- és Élettudományi Egyetem (MATE) for their hospitality and warm welcome in Budapest!