Monitoring Visitors and their Impacts on the Environment – evaluation workshop

Date: 27.06.2024
HUMANITA project partners organised a very insightful online evaluation workshop on the topic of “Monitoring Visitors and their Impacts on the Environment”.

The aim of the workshop was to showcase the progress of HUMANITA project partners and pilot sites, and get feedback from external experts on the monitoring activities and methods of HUMANITA project partners.

Besides all HUMANITA project partners, the workshop was attended by more than 20 external experts with expertise, experience and know-how on specific monitoring methods of visitors and overall tourism impact on environment.

Using the Mentimeter tool for real-time online evaluation of monitoring methods and activities presented at the workshop, HUMANITA project partners investigated the experts’ professional opinions on the usefulness of the methods presented in relation to the experts’ personal knowledge in monitoring the impacts of tourism in conservation areas, assessment of tourist participation in terms of effectiveness in contributing to the monitoring, factors that are believed to most significantly enhance the monitoring of tourism impacts in protected areas shortly, and trends that are foreseen over the next 50 years regarding the impact of tourism on natural and protected areas and monitoring methods.

HUMANITA project partners intend to establish a longterm collaboration with experts and receive further feedback on the monitoring methods presented, based on the experts’ experience and specific area of expertise on monitoring, as well as expert indications and suggestions.