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MISSION CE CLIMATE’s First Training Event supports Navigating Climate Adaptation in Central Europe

Date: 30.11.2023
The inaugural training session, poignantly titled “Our Climate is changing – what about us?” marked the beginning of a series of events dedicated to knowledge sharing and capacity building. The event featured an expert-led lecture and interactive discussions focusing on unravelling the complexities of climate adaptation. Dr. Tjaša Pogačar, the distinguished head of the Centre for Agricultural Meteorology and assistant professor of climatology at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, delivered an insightful presentation. Dr. Pogačar’s research specialises in the impact of climate change on ecosystems and humans. During the training, participants engaged in discussions on the importance of climate vulnerability assessments before designing adaptation plans. State-of-the-art adaptation approaches were explored, providing valuable insights into initiating city-level climate resilience. The session also delved into identifying key data sources and best practices to empower ongoing adaptation efforts. The training commenced with Dr. Pogačar’s lecture, followed by dedicated time for participant discussions, reflection, and a Q&A session. Notably, a recording of the session was made for future reference, which is available in the Media tab on this website. The success of this event marks a significant step forward in achieving the objectives of MISSION CE CLIMATE, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange to build resilient communities in the face of climate change. As the project progresses, more such events are anticipated, promising further capacity building in the realm of climate adaptation in Central Europe.