LOCALIENCE Project Kicks Off with Ambitious Goals

Date: 26.06.2023

On the vibrant morning of June 21, 2023, stakeholders from across Europe gathered at the illustrious Marble Hall of the Ministry of Interior in Budapest, Hungary, to embark on a exciting journey—the Kick-off meeting of the LOCALIENCE project. This marked the beginning of a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing local communities’ resilience to extreme weather events through innovative solutions and proactive engagement.

Led by the Ministry of Interior of Hungary, the meeting commenced with a warm welcome from the Lead Partner, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings. The agenda was laid out, emphasizing the significance of the meeting’s objectives and outlining the roadmap for the project’s execution.

The session unfolded with introductions from each participating organization, fostering a deeper understanding of their backgrounds, project teams, motivations, and envisioned outcomes. This exchange of insights illuminated the diverse expertise and shared commitment present within the LOCALIENCE partnership.

Following the introductions, Monika Schönerklee-Grasser presented the Joint Secretariat, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s overarching goals and guiding principles. The stage was then set for detailed presentations on the project’s work packages, each focusing on specific aspects crucial to achieving the project’s objectives.

Work Package 1, centered on joint action planning, monitoring, and policy improvement tools, was outlined by PP3-VCDM, detailing key activities, timelines, and expected outcomes. This was followed by presentations on Work Package 2, which aimed at strengthening public and civil stakeholder preparedness and engagement, and Work Package 3, focusing on enhancing local collaboration.

A highlight of the meeting was the briefing on the pilot actions planned by each partner. From interactive climate living labs to innovative urban warning systems, the diverse array of initiatives promised to showcase practical solutions tailored to local contexts, aimed at bolstering resilience against extreme weather events.

After a brief respite for lunch, participants engaged in a co-designing workshop, laying the groundwork for conducting surveys, analyzing threats, and conceptualizing communication strategies—a pivotal step in ensuring effective disaster management and community engagement.

The afternoon session delved into project communication, emphasizing the importance of coordinated outreach efforts and unveiling the draft Communication Plan. The Steering Group meeting and upcoming tasks presentation underscored the project’s commitment to transparent governance and continuous progress.

As the day drew to a close, participants visited the famous Hungarian Parliament for a tour. The day concluded with a convivial dinner, providing an opportunity for informal networking and further discussions on the journey ahead.

The Kick-off meeting of the LOCALIENCE project served as a testament to the collective determination to address the challenges posed by extreme weather events and build resilient communities across Europe.