Living Lab are going ahead full steam: the third event of #stradella (Italy) took place on 13 March 2024

Date: 13.03.2024

Living Lab are going ahead full steam: the third event of 

Part of the discussion was dedicated to the side topic of designing shuttle services for commuters to serve industrial sites located in the province.

Set by @AGI and @Redmint, scenarios have been presented, discussed and validated; they represent the basis for the co-design of innovations to be tested.

A bridge in the desert Description automatically generatedThe LL workshop highlighted the main relevant challenges of the territory, and validated the strategy and the scenario perimeter where the pilot activities will be co-designed.

The activities have been enriched with a deeper investigation of the commuting demand, for which DRT could be a complement, and with possible training of local stakeholders to become “ambassadors” and supporters of the service where there is lack of information and knowledge on how to use it.

Communication is crucial, a dedicated strategy shall be developed and implemented for #DRT service #Miobus.

Main elements emerged are accessibility, improvement of reliability and flexibility, as well as a better communication of the services on the territory.

Next steps will be the co-design and preparation of pilot tests.

And local TV channel presented the #drt too! (in Italian only)