Let’s identify the most pressing problems

Date: 20.11.2023
On November 20th, the first of a series of the LECA project consultations with members of the Carpathian Convention will take place. The project partners have had half a year of intensive cooperation on initial analyses of the large carnivore populations in the Carpathians. The analyses gradually discuss current monitoring methods, existing data on populations, poaching investigations, as well as ways to resolve conflicts between humans and large carnivores. The authors of the analysis have identified the most pressing problems and propose a series of recommendations that would help improve the situation. Discussions on the current state of the populations and the proposed recommendations are precisely the motivation for further consultations.   As the project is taking place in the Carpathians, it is absolutely crucial to involve the widest possible spectrum of experts in the consultations. The members of the Carpathian Convention are able to provide their own valuable insight into the conclusions of the analyses and also allow us to correct our procedures with valid legislation in individual states. Last but not least, the consultations will form the basis for further project development in the pilot areas.