The CE4CE competence map, credits: CE4CE project

Launch of CE4CE Knowledge Platform for Circular Economy in Public Transport

Date: 27.05.2024
The CE4CE project has unveiled a groundbreaking knowledge platform designed to foster the adoption of circular economy principles in public transportation systems in Central Europe and beyond. The platform, a key output of the project, is designed to identify circularity gaps and life-cycle actors, enable knowledge transfer, and showcase selected lifecycle value chains.

The CE4CE knowledge platform will serve as an online collection of tools and resources, meticulously curated by experts from the project consortium. These resources will facilitate the planning and implementation of circular economy strategies in public transport and will soon be featuring an integrated match-making tool for market information sharing.

A key feature of this platform is the Competence Map, which addresses the skill needs for the transition to a circular economy within the public transport sector. The Competence Map aims to identify and represent the essential skills, expertise, and knowledge required across various roles to successfully implement circular economy principles in public transport.

Based on the ten principles of the circular economy, the Competence Map aligns with the Circularity Compass, a tool designed to guide the incorporation of circular mindsets, principles, and solutions in public transport. This navigation tool advances the sector’s capability to embed circular practices effectively.

The platform is currently being enriched with valuable resources, but you can check it out already at Within the project lifespan, public transport stakeholders can look forward to a comprehensive, user-friendly resource for implementing sustainable and circular practices in their work. Stay tuned for further updates on new resources that will be made available on the platform!

For further details, please register to the project newsletter or contact the CE4CE project team directly.