Joint Strategy Workshop

Date: 11.02.2024
Active participation of stakeholders – essential factor of successful management!

On 8th of February almost 70 stakeholders and actors participated in the workshop held online for dissemination and consultation of the Report of the Joint Strategy for community-led sustainable development of mountain areas in Central Europe.

The meeting focused on topics related to the cross-border and participatory governance, which are crucial factor for improvement of governance models for the sustainable development of mountain areas in the Alps, Carpathians and Sudetes regions.

The event coordinated by Eurac Research in partnership with Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia was a moment of important mutual exchange and strengthening of the project network. After the presentation of general overview of project idea and some basic information the key work was done. The presentation of the Joint Strategy was not only the sole facts but offered interactive activities with stakeholders providing the opportunity to increase the participants’ interest and verify their level of knowledge and understanding of the topic.

If you have your own remarks and want o share with us your opinion you can find the Joint Strategy Report in the section of outputs.

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