Date: 11.07.2024

According to recent IPCC reports, Central Europe faces critical challenges from heat, drought, flooding, and biodiversity loss. Despite extensive environmental data, these resources are underutilised in climate impact planning. Climate_CRICES seeks to leverage this data by establishing standardised classification criteria, trans-border standards, and presenting data in a user-friendly, multilingual format.

The primary goal is to implement a data-driven dashboard to enhance climate resilience and improve management capabilities for future projections. This initiative aims to increase public authorities’ capacity to manage projected climate change effects, including heat, drought, flooding, and biodiversity impacts.

The data dashboard will analyse data from partners’ platforms and integrate innovative sources, providing a trans-border perspective and forecasts. Regional authorities will gain skills to manage climate adaptation plans through capacity-building activities.

Climate_CRICES will serve as a template for climate adaptation management across Central Europe, offering accurate climate change projections for regional development plans and enhancing authorities’ ability to manage climate adaptation through effective data use.

The Climate_CRICES project officially started on 1 June 2024 and it was launched with an online kick-off meeting on 17 June 2024.

The online meeting commenced with a welcome and introduction by Veneto Region (LP). The CE project manager in charge for Climate_CRICES introduced the programme and the project implementation. Partners introduced themselves briefly how they relate to the project and what the main points will be along which activities will be carried out. Veneto Region presented the Climate_CRICES project and the monitoring plan. CDDA followed with a communication presentation. IOER discussed WP1 entitled ‘Defining the added value of harmonised and visualised data for climate change effects ‘projections’ and the initial steps for project implementation. Veneto Region then covered financial and administrative issues, and concluded the meeting.

Partners will meet in Venice at the end of September 2024 for an in-person kick-off meeting organised by the lead partner, further solidifying the project’s foundation.

For more information, please follow the project on the official Interreg Central Europe website and LinkedIn page:



Stay tuned for further updates as Climate_CRICES works towards a more resilient future for Central Europe.