Improving Rainwater Management in cities: Introducing Blue-Green Infrastructure

Date: 14.03.2024

To address the pressing issue of rainwater management, we introduce the concept of blue-green infrastructure in MAURICE project. This approach integrates nature-based solutions to effectively manage rainfall and reduce surface run-off. By implementing blue-green infrastructure in pilot project, we strive to balance the needs of urban development while preserving the ecological integrity of the city.

To ensure the practicality and effectiveness of blue-green infrastructure, a pilot installation will be carried out in Jaworzno (Poland). This test site will enable us to explore various methods and measure their impact on reducing surface run-off, enhancing rainfall infiltration, and buffering excess water.

As part of the project, a handbook for increasing the benefits of rainwater management will be developed. This comprehensive resource will provide methodological guidelines for public administrations and designers. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge, we aim to support the implementation of sustainable urban rainwater management practices. The handbook will include the guidance for planning and design of new developments will prioritize the needs of local water retention. By considering methods for buffering excess run-off and utilizing it for watering green spaces during dry periods, our goal is to create a harmonious balance between urban development and water resource management. Groundwater recharge will also be a key consideration in the planning process.

On 12th March, we convened for the first meeting of Regional Implementation Group in Jaworzno. The focus of the discussion centered around identifying the key success factors for rainwater solutions. Two critical factors emerged: the need for comprehensive cooperation among all levels of government responsible for blue-green infrastructure, and the importance of strategic management and spatial planning that incorporates a substantial share of biologically active areas within the city.

We are excited about the potential of blue-green infrastructure to revolutionize rainwater management in cities.