Hajdúböszörmény is starting to build green islands for its citizents

Date: 13.05.2024
Green Oases Against Heat: Ready4Heat Project Kicks Off with First Installation in Hajdáböszörmény

On May 9th, a significant milestone in the battle against urban heat islands was achieved as the first green island under the Ready4Heat program was installed in the Hungarian city of Hajdáböszörmény. Mayor Attila Kiss, Deputy Mayors Lászlo Firizs and Srérés, along with Csaba Kiss, owner of Margaréta Gardening, were present at the unveiling of this green initiative.

Ready4Heat aims to develop urban strategies and action plans to enhance heat resistance in cities. Financed through the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Program, the project brings together municipalities in Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary to strengthen resilience against increasing heatwaves.

The municipal community of Hajdáböszörmény received €301,819.3 for the project implementation, which targets the creation of 47 cooling urban green islands. These green spaces will emerge in public areas of the city as well as in the courtyards of institutions to provide residents with a cooling effect.

The green islands will not only be an aesthetic enrichment but also contribute to lowering temperatures in the city and improving the quality of life for citizens. To ensure the effectiveness of the islands, experts will conduct various measurements and carry out awareness campaigns to emphasize the importance of green spaces for the urban climate.

Csaba Kiss, who led the installation of the first green island, emphasized the importance of walkways around the benches, vegetation that develops rapidly, and the selection of plants that not only provide shade but also beautify the environment.

The Ready4Heat project promises a modern and healthy environment for urban communities, promoting the well-being and comfort of residents. With the first green island as a kickoff, Hajdáböszörmény demonstrates a strong commitment to climate protection and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

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