H2CE Study Visit at Sapio’s Group Green Hydrogen Hub in Venice

Date: 21.11.2023
By: H2CE
During the Partherhip Meeting in Mestre, H2CE partners attended a study visit at  Sapio’s Group emerging Green Hydrogen Hub in Venice, located within the Porto Marghera port area.

Under the guidance of Dr. Mario Foglia from the Hydrogen team, an expert in its diverse applications, and Engineer Domenico Russo, the plant director, partners delved into the project’s specifics.

The Hydrogen Valley in Venice, a collaborative effort between the Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Sapio, and Hydrogen Park, aims to transform the Venetian lagoon’s port ecosystem into a clean energy hub centered around hydrogen. Sapio secured funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to establish a renewable hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 5 MW, powered by a dedicated photovoltaic system built by Eco R.o.e Service S.r.l. of the Bureau Veritas Group.

The Marghera plant will commence hydrogen production in 2026. Yet, the groundwork for its production, sale, and usage is already evident today. Obtaining the nceessary funding required adherance to requirements focusing on efficacy and sustainability. For instance, a key requirement involves utilizing a decommissioned industrial area already connected to the power grid for production, followed by transporting hydrogen to local industries.

The visit highlighted the already tangible benefits arising from collaboration among various European regions engaged in the energy transition, emphasizing the positive impact potential through knowledge exchange in promoting sustainable solutions and expediting the implementation of innovative energy strategies.