Good Practices Vienna

Date: 22.07.2023

Presenting a good practice of a participation process in Vienna: the project “Gesunde Nachbarschaft (i.e., Healthy Neighbourhood)” by the organisation “Wiener Gesundheitsförderung” (i.e., Vienna Health Promotion) that took place from 2016-2019.

This project made a real impact from 2016 to 2019, reaching out to 9 districts in Vienna. The mission? To bolster neighbourhood connections, engage those on the fringe of social life, and champion health-conscious ideas from local residents.

  •  Strengthening Community Bonds: The project forged networks through neighbourhood cafes, interactive workshops, and more
  • Vibrant Workshops & Activities: Residents participated in workshops, health picnics, and fitness sessions to boost their well-being
  • Community-Led Initiatives: The project encouraged and supported residents in bringing their health-conscious ideas to life.
  • Traveling Exhibition: The project’s culmination was a captivating exhibition touring all 9 districts, showcasing a wealth of activities and initiatives.

But that’s not all! The project actively involved and empowered various vulnerable groups, including elderly, migrants, refugees, people with disabilities and (former) homeless individuals.