GINEVRA’s Varaždin Kick-Off Unveils the Future of Urban Mobility

Date: 22.11.2023

In a dynamic showcase of innovation and collaboration, the GINEVRA (Governance of transformative innovation in Central European cities: the AV case) project recently marked its local kick-off event in the vibrant city of Varaždin (Croatia). The City of Varaždin has fostered enduring connections with public service providers, city firms, educational institutions, and businesses, establishing a robust network essential for multifaceted projects. This collaborative effort extends also to Razvojna Agencija Sjever – DAN, contributing to the diverse fabric of initiatives within GINEVRA.


At the heart of this event was a strategic engagement with approximately 50 professionals representing various institutions. The goal was clear: to introduce GINEVRA and initiate a dialogue on the future of transport, centering around the transformative role of Autonomous Vehicles (AV).


The opening workshop served as a platform to communicate the project’s vision and objectives with stakeholders deemed integral to GINEVRA’s success. The diverse audience, comprising individuals from public service providers, educational entities, and businesses, reflected the widespread interest and relevance of the project.


A highlight of the event was an illuminating presentation and lecture by professors from the University North, experts specialising in traffic sciences. Their insights delved into the nuances of AV technology and its potential impact on urban mobility. Participants gained valuable perspectives on the future of transportation, setting the stage for GINEVRA’s ambitious endeavours.


The GINEVRA project, at its core, aims to revolutionise urban mobility through the integration of AV technology. As the automotive landscape undergoes a paradigm shift, GINEVRA stands at the forefront, leveraging autonomous vehicles to create smarter, more efficient transportation systems.


This kick-off event is just the beginning of GINEVRA’s journey to drive innovation in urban mobility. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as the project unfolds, reshaping the way we envision and experience transportation in the cities of tomorrow.