GINEVRA Project’s Autonomous Driving Theme Day in Bad Schönborn

Date: 20.11.2023

In a testament to the proactive pursuit of innovation, the Municipality of Bad Schönborn (Germany), partner of the GINEVRA project, recently hosted a groundbreaking event that delved into the potential of autonomous driving. This gathering, entitled “Autonomous driving as an innovative solution for public transport in rural areas – the GINEVRA project,” unfolded on November 15, 2023, kindly hosted by ophelis, a renown and innovative local office furniture supplier.


The event served as a platform for experts spanning scientific fields, business, legislation, administration, and public transport authorities to convene and share insights. The focal point of discussions revolved around the pivotal role of autonomous driving in shaping the future of transportation.


The Mayor of the Municipality of Bad Schönborn, Klaus Detlev Huge emphasised the need for innovative solutions, stating that a test range for autonomous driving would be a significant step in the right direction of a modern and future-oriented mobility development.


The event, organised to present the GINEVRA (Governance of transformative innovation in Central European cities: the AV case) project, a project financed by the Interreg Central Europe programme of the European Union, to local stakeholders, saw lively discussions and presentations. Participants explored the potential of autonomous driving to address challenges in rural public transport, such as staff shortages, frequency gaps, and passenger frustrations.


A sincere appreciation was extended to all participants and speakers, with special thanks to Britta Bajak, CEO, and the Ophelis Team for providing the inspiring venue. The event embodied collaborative efforts to shape an innovative and sustainable future.


Bad Schönborn is a crucial testing ground for the GINEVRA project. The Municipality will examine the possibilities of autonomous driving in rural areas together with the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe (KIT), focusing on researching the implementation of autonomous driving in small and medium-sized municipalities.


Looking forward, if all progresses as planned, a trial run of an autonomous shuttle is anticipated to navigate the streets of Bad Schönborn at the beginning of 2026.


The success of this event underscores the commitment of Bad Schönborn and its partners to actively engage in the transformative potential of autonomous driving. As the GINEVRA project advances, such collaborative efforts will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility.