GINEVRA – Partners meeting between discussions, practical experiences and study visit to promote Transformative Innovation in Central European Cities

Date: 16.11.2023

On 7 and 8 November, the second GINEVRA (Governance of Transformative Innovation in Central European Cities: The AV Case) partners meeting took place in Ptuj and Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event represented the occasion to consolidate the work done during the beginning period of the project and prepare the upcoming phases.


On the first day, the partners met in Ptuj (Slovenia), kindly hosted by ZRS Bistra Ptuj, and discussed the work done on the Work Package 1 (WP1) and the strategy on how to implement the Work Package 2 (WP2) of the project.


The WP1 aims to improve knowledge on all aspects of responsible, multi-level governance of transformative innovation, including the AV case study, and use this to prepare shared guidelines and local work plans for the transnational pilot.


On the other hand, the WP2 focuses on the development of tools and involvement of staff and key stakeholders from the pilot area in the various capacity building sessions.


In the morning session, HARFA presented the progress of WP1 focusing on upcoming deliverables/outputs, partner works and the evaluation of already implemented activities, while EMFIE provided updates on the WP2 and related activities, contributions and milestones.


The day ended with the partners participation in the interactive discussion session for the tender of technology providers, facilitated by CISE and TU Wien, and the Steering Committee Meeting on project monitoring, management and reporting.


During the second day, partners took part in a study visit to the AV Living Lab company in Ljubljana (Slovenia), a living laboratory that connects multiple industries, advanced technologies, data, and digital infrastructures to develop new solutions for the future mobility.


This experience provided several insights into transformative innovation practices that project partners can apply and share with Central European cities, fostering cooperation and moving closer to the project’s goals.


Stay tuned for updates and follow the next steps of the project regarding the advancement of transformative innovation in Central European cities.