First living Lab in Croatia!

Date: 07.12.2023

The first workshop for the Split County Living Lab was held back in 7 December 2023 at the Municipality of Dugopolje. The stakeholders involved in the project come from legislative bodies, local authorities and institutions, transport providers, infrastructure managers, and users from the Split-Dalmatia County.   After the introductory welcome by Mr. Martin Bućan, the representative of the Split-Dalmatia County, the workshop was led by transportation experts from Dyvolve, and Dijana Miseric Beganovic, through examples from other countries, presented organization of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and micro-transit in EU cities.   But, the stakeholders discussed also the testing of the micro-transit service as planned in Split-Dalmatia County (City of Sinj, City of Trilj, Municipality of Dugopolje, and Municipality of Dicmo), identifying points of interest and propose routes for micro-transit. The workshop concluded with a brief discussion and an announcement of the next workshop scheduled for February.