Exciting Progress in Hybrid Care Technology Development

Date: 09.04.2024
We are pleased to announce significant advancements in the development of technology aimed at transforming hybrid care. Our team is dedicated to creating a platform for care delivery, to enhance the well-being of seniors and support formal and informal carers. Our primary goal is to create an innovative platform that bridges the gap between traditional care practices and modern technology, enabling proactive care focused on preventing decline while empowering seniors.

Platform Structure Preview:

Our platform is designed with three distinct interfaces tailored to the needs of different users:

  • End-users Interface: providing individuals aged 55 and above with user-friendly access to a range of resources, including cognitive exercises to support cognition, training for physical activities, and opportunities for socialization. A personalized training schedule will be prepared for each user, encompassing cognitive, physical, and social exercises.
  • Informal Carers Interface: facilitating communication and information exchange to support informal carers in their caregiving roles.
  • Formal Carers Interface: offering tools for assessment and monitoring, enabling formal carers to track progress. Additionally, the platform will support professionals in defining personalized training schedules tailored to users’ needs.

The team is working on defining operational aspects and parameters to ensure the platform’s efficacy and user-friendliness. We are building upon the input obtained from the co-design activities, the results of which can be accessed through the co-design final report.