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Embracing change: the evolution of circular economy in tomorrow’s world

Date: 19.03.2024
The future of the economy, according to experts from top British universities, focuses on making big changes for sustainability and using resources wisely. Here’s what they’re saying:

  1. Sustainability Everywhere: Businesses should think about being eco-friendly in every part of their work.
  2. Company-wide Sustainability: It’s important for every person in a company to work together on eco-friendly projects.
  3. Understanding Our Impact: We need better ways to collect and understand data about how businesses affect the environment. This helps us follow the rules and make smarter decisions.
  4. Following Rules and Doing Good: Businesses should follow environmental rules and use them to make real positive changes.
  5. Reducing Carbon: Businesses need to find ways to produce less carbon and use more renewable energy.
  6. Talking About Sustainability: It’s important for businesses to talk openly and clearly about what they’re doing to help the environment.
  7. Changing Our Thinking: We need to change how we use resources and design products to last longer and be easier to recycle.
  8. Working Together for a Better Future: Everyone needs to work together – individuals, businesses, and governments – to make these changes happen.

In short, the future economy needs to be more focused on sustainability, using resources wisely, and working together to make the world a better place for everyone.


Written by: Ing. Maria Rucekova, Technical University of Kosice



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