Elektryka Morska’s Expansion in the Martime Industry

Date: 21.02.2024

Elektryka Morska represents the electrical and marine industry in the CIRCOTRONIC project. In today’s world, where the circular economy is becoming a priority, projects like CIRCOTRONIC are essential for the future of our environment.

Participation in this project is a great opportunity for our company. Thanks to the knowledge gained during meetings in the CIRCOTRONIC project, we decided to expand our business model with solutions that reduce the generation of e-waste by ships. We focused intently on batteries and frequency converters, recognizing their significant impact on the environment that cannot be underestimated.

Our company is a “stable haven” for clients from the maritime industry, offering them comprehensive solutions in power engineering and automation systems on vessels. We are proud of our ability to guide the client through the full process: from concept, through the supply of cabling and electrical components, assembly, production of switchboards, Classification Societies Approval, to reliable service.

As an innovative company we invest in research and development projects. One of our outstanding achievements is the development of an innovative hybrid drive for ships, which is pending a patent. Our priority in the coming years is to minimize negative environmental impact of the maritime industry and pollution emitted by ships.

The dynamic development of the market for electric and hybrid ships is associated with an increased demand for batteries and frequency converters and consequently, a greater risk of failure of semiconductor elements and energy storage units used on vessels.

Our company, inspired by specialists from the CIRCOTRONIC team, decided to implement a business model that allows reducing e-waste in batteries and frequency converters by significantly extending the life cycle of these valuable devices.


We plan to develop cutting-edge technology that allows monitoring the operating status of sensitive battery components and frequency converters. These tests are aimed at detecting irregularities in the operation of devices and preventing failures, which will extend their life and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Written by: Kamila ZimiƄska and Sandra Szurgot, Elektryka Morska Sp. z o.o.