Workshop participants visit the Power2Change exhibition hosted at the meeting place and have open conversations about multiple aspects of the energy transition process, both technological and social.

East Saxony Stakeholders Explore New Energy Transition Tool at Knappenrode Energy Museum

Date: 20.05.2024
By: JETforCE

On the afternoon of 13 May 2024, energy transition stakeholders from East Saxony convened at the Knappenrode Energy Museum for a collaborative workshop focused on the Challenge Mapping Tool, developed under the JETforCE project. The event saw substantial participation from members of the German Just Energy Transition Alliance.

The Knappenrode Energy Museum, which had previously hosted the tool’s public launch during the Bautzen Energy Forum in February, was chosen again for its suitability and to provide participants with access to the Power2Change exhibition. This interactive exhibit delves into both the technological and social facets of the energy transition, aligning closely with the objectives of the JETforCE project. It offered a platform for attendees to engage in discussions about fairness and equity as they addressed the various challenges associated with the energy transition in their respective fields.

After a guided tour of the exhibition, the group gathered in a meeting room where representatives from TGZ Bautzen, a JETforCE project partner, conducted a workshop on the current capabilities of the Challenge Mapping Tool. Participants, including representatives from interest groups, municipalities, wind and solar planning associations, and energy suppliers, were introduced to the tool’s functionality and the most effective ways to utilise it.

There was significant interest in how the challenges identified using the tool could be communicated to relevant local and regional authorities. TGZ Bautzen emphasised their commitment to facilitating this process, highlighting that it is a crucial step for ensuring the energy transition in the region benefits directly from the JETforCE project.

Image Credits: TGZ Bautzen