#drt in Stradella and Oltrepo Pavese, Italy

Date: 20.05.2024

After 14 months of activities of @DREAM_PACE, it is time to re-cap what at being done in the 6 areas hosting the project´s Living Labs for developing demand responsive transport.

@DREAM_PACE tackles six areas of Central Europe, areas which have different background conditions.

Today we focus on #Pavia and #Oltrepo Pavese (Italy).

The living lab workshop in Stradella convened various stakeholders, including public authorities such as the Municipality of Santa Maria La Versa, Casteggio, Broni, Stradella, Bosnasco, Ponte Nizza, along with the regional public authority, the Province of Pavia, and the infrastructure/service provider, @Autoguidovie. The focus was on developing a strategy centered on needs and connectivity to create a network of services. Key discussions highlighted the importance of enhancing accessibility, reliability, flexibility, and communication of services within the territory. Moving forward, the next steps entail co-designing and preparing pilot tests to implement the envisioned improvements.