“Do the right thing” fair returns to Trento Fiera.

Date: 26.10.2023

From 20th to 22nd October 2023, the nineteenth edition of “Do the right thing!” was held in Trento the Trentino fair for critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles.

Approximately 141 exhibitors were present at the fair, many of them are actors in the Trentino solidarity economy.

The products on display, mostly “eco-products”, ranged from organic farming products, cosmetics, clothing to solar panels.
During the fair, numerous workshops were organized on critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, such as an environmental play-education project created by the Ortazzo and Punto Zero associations dedicated to school children, cooking workshops, the “Call to Harvest” of the Pimpinella association with its ancient seeds.
Among the various stands there was also that of the Trentino Solidarity Economy, which was responsible for presenting and disseminating activities, districts and products of the Trentino solidarity economy.
During the fair, the Interreg CE 3P4SSE project was also publicized with the aim of raising citizens’ awareness of the issues of the solidarity economy and making known the European projects present in this area.
Even though there has been a good success in terms of public, at the penultimate fair amounted to around 12,000 participants, the organizer are evaluating whether the fair will be repeated in the future as the theme of sustainable lifestyles, if in the past in the first edition 20 years ago they represented a peculiarity of the fair, have now become public domain and therefore widespread also in numerous other events albeit in a more fragmented manner.