DIGIVITALITY Open Call: Ignite Innovation in Digital Health Across Central Europe

Date: 17.01.2024

DIGIVITALITY Open Call presents a unique opportunity for Digital Health innovators in Central European countries. This program specifically targets startups, spin-offs, and SMEs established within the last 7 years, operating in the digital health sector.

The Open Innovation Digital Health Acceleration Program seeks companies at a minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4, eager to engage in the collaborative development of transformative solutions. By providing ongoing insights from MedTech corporations and hospitals, DIGIVITALITY aims to unlock the potential of innovative ventures.

The program focuses on addressing challenges in the digital health sector, spanning areas like Telemedicine, Digital Integration in EHR, Data Management, Data Analytics and AI, Data Security, and other crucial domains. Participants in the DIGIVITALITY Open Call have the chance to advance innovation in the digital health sector. The program encourages companies to adopt the open innovation process, collaborating to implement transformative solutions that directly impact various medical fields and departments.

For more information, go directly to the DIGIVITALITY Open Call page.