DIGIVITALITY: Innovating Healthcare with Start-ups and Hospitals

Date: 12.04.2024

The DIGIVITALITY project represents an important step in supporting innovation across the healthcare sector in Central Europe by integrating solutions from start-ups with the expertise of hospitals and med-tech organizations. The Open Call attracted 42 applications from a diverse spectrum of start-ups across Europe. Top 20 start-ups were invited to pitch in front of our hospital and Med-tech partners at the upcoming event scheduled for April 18th. As a result of it, the best 8 will be selected to enter DIGIVITALITY programme.

The pitching event presents a unique opportunity for these start-ups to showcase their solutions directly to hospitals and med-tech organizations. This interaction is not just a platform for presentation but also a dialogue where hospitals can articulate their expectations, express what intrigued them about the start-ups’ proposals, and discuss potential collaborations. Moreover, it allows for a Q&A session, enabling both parties to delve deeper into the specifics of the proposed solutions and how they could be integrated into current healthcare practices.

Eight start-ups will validate their products with the help of hospitals, focusing on tailoring their innovations to meet the real-world needs of the healthcare sector. Additionally, some of these start-ups will undergo an early phase Technology Assessment (eHTA) to confirm the effectiveness and feasibility of their solutions in practical healthcare settings. These 8 startups are precisely the ones chosen to advance in the program.

The DIGIVITALITY project fosters a collaborative approach to healthcare innovation, bridging the gap between the fresh ideas of start-ups and the extensive expertise of established healthcare entities. It accelerates the development and adaptation of innovative solutions, while ensuring they are practical and ready to significantly improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

The DIGIVITALITY project’s pitching event on April 18th will bring start-ups and healthcare institutions together to discuss technological solutions for health issues. After this event and further evaluation, the top 8 start-ups will be selected to join DIGIVITALITY¬†programme.