Partners of ACCESSMILE and the Joint Declaration with MERIDIAN
Port of Trieste, ZAILOG and Port of La Spezia at the signing ceremony

Creating synergies on IT applied to multimodal transport along TEN-T networks

Date: 10.10.2023

It is well recognised that information and communication technology (ICT) and C-ITS may be the backbone of a multimodal transport chain, bringing multiple benefits to operators by providing real-time visibility, efficient data exchange, and better flexibility to react to unexpected changes during shipment.

The research for and application of new solutions for ICT and C-ITS as powerful tools to improve the connection to the main TEN-T networks and nodes is at the core of both ACCESSMILE and MERIDIAN projects.

In particular, MERIDIAN’ITS corridor is a cooperation between public authorities and road, port and hub operators from Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Latvia, fostering digitalisation of the Mobility System across Europe with a focus on the mid and southern part of the CEF Core Network by implementing digital systems and services along the busiest European freight corridors. MERIDIAN is co-funded by the CEF Programme and coordinated by German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

The MERIDIAN project will target its implementations on expansion of digital infrastructure, the roll-out of C-ITS in central Europe, implementation of ITS for bottlenecks on open roads and tunnels, digital corridor management and multimodal services.

Given common goals and partners, the two projects decided to sign a “Joint Declaration of Intent on the collaboration between MERIDIAN and ACCESSMILE for the joint development of strategies and their implementation to improve the last mile accessibility of rural and peripheral areas to the main TEN-T freight nodes”. The Joint Declaration was signed by Mr. Alberto Cozzi (Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea) and Mr. Björn Siebert (die Autobahn) in Dublin, on 10th October 2023, at the presence of the representatives of other two ACCESSMILE partners, the Port of La Spezia and ZAILOG.

By this Declaration, both projects commit to sharing the knowledge gathered – amplifying project outreach well beyond each partnership – set joint strategies and seek common solutions, working across different EU Programmes.