Collaboration Labs coming up in Spring 2024

Date: 13.10.2023

We have developed an inspiring and promising format to let SMEs and young consumers work together on ecological and economical solutions in the creative industries and tourism sector. In spring 2024, the first Greenpact Collaboration Labs will start: a two-day hackathon around sustainability, creative industries, tourism and the circular economy. Located in the Stuttgart Region, Veneto Region, South Bohemia, Bratislava and Rijeka. Stakeholders from SMEs will define ecological and economic challenges and team up with representatives of the younger generation. High quality input on crafting ideas, envisioning change and exploring impact will support the teams on their way to new green & impact-driven business ideas and business models. If you want to take part in the hackathon, comment ‘I’m in’ or send us a message and we will contact you!