City of Lublin Hosts Eco-Education Summit as Part of Circular WEEEP Project

Date: 17.06.2024
In a significant step towards fostering environmental consciousness, the City of Lublin organized a meeting with various institutions engaged in eco-education, under the auspices of the Circular WEEEP project. This event brought together key players likely to participate in the upcoming WEEE LIVE Pilot Action.

The meeting featured an in-depth discussion on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) market in Lublin. One of the primary topics was the emerging types of WEEE that are currently not collected separately, such as disposable e-cigarettes. These items pose a considerable risk due to their potential for causing explosions and fires. Additionally, the conversation highlighted the challenges associated with electric bikes and scooters, which are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The second part of the discussion centered on the forthcoming WEEE LIVE Pilot Action. This initiative, set to be launched in a few months, aims to address these new types of electronic waste and improve overall waste management practices in Lublin.

The City of Lublin is committed to advancing sustainable practices and creating a safer, greener community. The collaboration with these proactive institutions is a testament to the city’s dedication to eco-education and environmental stewardship.