Citizens in action for the circular bioeconomy

Date: 30.01.2024

The average citizen does not know much about the bioeconomy. Most of them have probably never heard of it. The project members intend to address potential consumers and producers of bio-based products in order to share the knowledge on the topic.

The European citizens certainly knows a lot about global challenges, the plastic problem, the ecological issues and big polluting industries. They are also probably aware that one of the strategic objectives of the European Union is to achieve climate neutrality. However, probably far fewer people are aware of the solution to all these challenges and how to put traditional agriculture on sustainable path.

One of the main commitments of the project is to convey the hopeful messages of the bioeconomy to the citizens, namely that there is a way out of the current situation. Citizens mean here people from all the age groups regardless of gender, profession, or nationality. 

We will increase citizens’ knowledge and awareness about bioeconomy and its benefits. Secondly we are going to mobilize as many citizens as possible to become  actors in bioeconomy through being prosumers (producers  and consumers at the same time).  Thirdly bioeconomy activism should be upscaled to broader civil society.

As a series of different steps we are going to prepare educational material on the bio-based products and their potential for substitution of fossil-based products. Then we are going to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using bio-based materials in everyday life. Workshops will be held to test and produce home-made bio-based products. Connected to this goal short tutorial videos will be prepared on the workshops and disseminated through video channels, project web sites and social media. Finally transnational focus group will test bio-based products. The testing will focus on usability, environmental and marketing criteria. Testing will serve input for success stories and design of final protocol which will be based on living lab methodology.

As the project progresses, these insights will inform stakeholders on opportunities for cooperation, citizen engagement and in this way these contribute to the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the region.

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