Circular Economy and Sustainability in Croatia

Date: 13.10.2023

As part of the EU project GREENPACT Interreg CE, Step Ri – Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka promotes circular economy in the creative industry and tourism sector. While searching for best practice examples, they came across Greenly, with whom Step Ri had the opportunity to collaborate through the Enterprise Europe Network Croatia (EEN Croatia). Greenly offers a very interesting range of sustainable products for hospitality establishments, made from natural or 100% recycled materials, such as bamboo, reed, and wheat straws, coffee-to-go stirrers, and more. This helps avoid unnecessary depletion of new non-renewable resources. You can learn more about them and their story through their website >> 

The main goal of the GREENPACT project is to strengthen the skills of small and medium-sized enterprises in the service sector, change their mindset, and equip them to apply circular economy principles.

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