Participants of the local JETA meeting

Bologna Local Event: JETforCE Presents Digital Challenge Mapping Tool

Date: 26.04.2024

In a digital event organized by the Metropolitan City of Bologna in collaboration with Absolut events & communication, the presentation of the Challenges Mapping Tool marked a pivotal moment for the “JETforCE – Just Energy Transition for Central Europe” initiative. This event, held on April 24th, showcased a significant step forward in harnessing digitalization to empower citizens and navigate the complexities of energy transition policies.

With a focus on leveraging digital platforms to engage citizens in shaping energy transition policies, the JETforCE consortium has spent the past year developing innovative solutions. Spearheaded by young leaders, the Challenge Mapping framework integrates cutting-edge technology, including a dedicated app and a blockchain-powered database, to evaluate climate change initiatives and mitigate potential adverse effects on vulnerable communities.

Addressing key issues such as energy service delivery, citizen participation, and social justice, the Challenges Mapping Tool offers avenues for citizen involvement, from raising awareness to exploring funding opportunities. The event underscored the transformative potential of this instrument and the collective dedication of stakeholders to drive sustainable change across Central Europe.

More than twenty entrepreneurs, managers, and marketing directors from various production companies in northern Italy participated in the digital event, demonstrating widespread interest and commitment to the cause. The launch of the JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping Tool served as a rallying point for businesses to actively contribute to the formulation of EU energy policies and investments.

Representatives from diverse sectors, including the Montenegro Group, Waterlogic Corporate, Culligan, CPS Company, Blu Service, Dolce&Gabbana, BolognaFiere Group, Electra Global Service, Sistemi Ufficio, Visual Lab, Baccaro I Cementisti and SANA convened to explore the tool’s capabilities and engage in discussions. Attendees were invited to join the platform, enabling them to share experiences and propose tangible solutions, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable energy future.


The robust turnout at the launch event underscores the pressing need to address contemporary energy challenges and the collective resolve to take action. As stakeholders from various sectors unite to drive innovation and collaboration, the event epitomizes the potential for cross-sectoral cooperation to generate innovative solutions benefiting the broader European community.

Image Credits: Metropolitan City of Bologna