Three critical bridge types identified and pilot sites selected!

Date: 04.04.2024

Through rigorous quantitative analysis, evaluating the importance and cost-effectiveness of various bridge types in Germany, Slovenia and  Italy , we have identified three critical bridge types: Reinforced Concrete Slab, Prestressed Concrete Slab, and Prestressed Concrete Girder bridges, essential for Central European infrastructure.

We have selected our pilot sites and devised a conceptual framework for implementing digital monitoring systems on the identified target bridges. This framework integrates IoT technologies developed by CSP and introduces innovative sensor technology developed at TU Dresden to improve the efficiency of the bridge monitoring system.

Pilot sites:


  • SITAF bridge located in Highway 32, Italy/France

Construction Type: Concrete slab

Provider: SITAF


  • IDA-KI located in Dresden

Construction Type: Prestressed concrete girder bridge

Provider: TU Dresden


  • Tomačevo bridge over Sava River located in Ljubljana

Construction Type: Prestressed concrete girder bridge

Provider: Cestel