An overview about Bioeconomy in Czech Language

Date: 25.03.2024
Bioeconomy as an opportunity for sustainable development was presented to policy makers, SMEs, research organizations, schools likewise representatives on NGOs on a webinar organized by Agricultural Research, LtD with Czech Life Science Univeristy.

This webinar was organised in the framework of the Intereg project BIOECO-UP to inform citizens about the concept of the bioeconomy, to bring them closer to the concept of the bioeconomy and to inform them about the use of everyday products and how their fossil materials can be replaced by renewable materials.

The webinar was opened by Jan Nedělník who presented together with ‘Miroslav Hajek and Jan Skipala. 16 Info sheets were presented to more then 25 participants. The audience was also informed about the Intereg project BIOECO-UP, its activities and the importance of the bioeconomy, national and international activities, BIOEAST Iniatives and its working bodies. The discussion about the exploitation of the info sheets, that are available on the web pages and about BIOECO-UP project in general.