Advancing Sustainable Practices: Reuse Center and Rogaška Slatina Municipality Spearhead E-waste Innovation

Date: 17.01.2024
In a concerted effort to address the escalating challenge of electronic waste and foster a circular economy, the Reuse Center in Slovenia, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina, took a significant stride forward on January 17, 2024. Both entities actively participated in a seminar hosted by ZEOS d.o.o., a company specializing in the handling of electrical and electronic equipment.

The seminar, held at Technopark Celje, Slovenia, served as a platform for exploring innovative avenues to obtain still-functional appliances and underlined the critical need to transition urgently towards a circular economy, particularly concerning e-waste.

The Reuse Center in Slovenia, distinguished as the first REUSE company, played a pivotal role in advocating for the circular use of resources. This assertion was emphasized before a diverse audience at the seminar, shedding light on the Center’s crucial role in sustainable resource management.

Representatives from the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina and the Reuse Center seized the opportunity to present the Circular WEEEP project. The focus of their presentation was on the project’s goals, with a particular emphasis on innovative approaches to reusing and recycling electronic waste.

A workshop, conducted using the ‘World Café’ method, provided a dynamic setting to highlight key aspects of the e-waste reuse process. With Circular WEEEP’s overarching goal of establishing more efficient e-waste management systems, stakeholders collaboratively formulated an approach that emphasizes the need for improved collection and reuse practices. This approach is rooted in compliance with national legislation, where local communities are envisioned to play a more active role.

The seminar marked a crucial step forward in connecting stakeholders, fostering the exchange of ideas, and sharing best practices in the domain of e-waste reuse. The collective efforts of all involved entities aim to redirect attention towards the advantages of proper waste management. This includes raising awareness and establishing conditions for reuse, alongside introducing new business models that facilitate the implementation of the 9R concept – a holistic approach to waste reduction involving multiple stages of the product life cycle.

As the Reuse Center and Rogaška Slatina Municipality lead the charge, this collaborative endeavor signals a promising shift towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to electronic waste management.