2nd local working group meeting in Germany

Date: 11.01.2024
The CIREVALC meeting with local stakeholders, held on January 11, 2024, in the City of Niesky, Germany, focused on presenting and discussing the analysis phase findings. The meeting highlighted local efforts to address new regulations on recyclable and reusable packaging for caterers and restaurants. It also emphasized the creation of local circular value chains, especially in agribusiness.

A key discussion centered on developing and processing lavender in a circular economy model. Follow-up activities are scheduled for February and March 24, 2024, to implement and monitor the discussed strategies.

The meeting also proposed establishing a user-pool/network for caterers and restaurants to promote reusable packaging, using locally produced packaging by MealGood, a Saxon start-up. This initiative is expected to reduce single-use packaging waste, boost local economies, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster knowledge sharing.

The CIREVALC meeting in Niesky sets the stage for significant advancements in local circular economy practices, aiming for a more sustainable and economically resilient community.