2nd Local Working Group in Rzeszów, Poland

Date: 17.11.2023
The Rzeszów Regional Development Agency (RARR S.A.) hosted the event titled “Support for Podkarpacie Entrepreneurs in Implementing Circular Economy Solutions,” as part of the CIREVALC project. The meeting drew 17 participants from diverse sectors, including packaging production, environmental consulting, healthy food processing, local government, scientific units, startups, and URBAN LAB.

Ms. Małgorzata Kilian from RARR S.A. opened the event by introducing the CIREVALC project. She emphasized the project’s goals and the substantial opportunities it offers for the food, catering, and packaging (FCP) sectors in Podkarpacie. Following this, Mr. Marek Duda, Director at RARR S.A., discussed the challenges faced by the FCP sectors in Podkarpacie, sharing survey results and insights from recent workshops.

Ms. Kilian then outlined how regional entities can assist businesses and NGOs in securing funds and implementing circular economy solutions, highlighting successful examples from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The meeting addressed the SUP directive and plastic bottle collection challenges, with participants sharing experiences and identifying barriers to adopting circular economy practices.

Innovative methods for recycling plastics and reducing water and raw material consumption were discussed, along with the potential of biogas and composting plants. Mr. Paweł Ciesielski from Massloop presented proposals to improve the deposit system in the food and catering sector, sparking lively debate on financial strategies and legal regulations.

Participants expressed the need for carbon footprint studies, financial support, and updated legal frameworks to implement circular solutions effectively. The importance of cooperation among government, businesses, consumers, and academia was emphasized, with calls for joint initiatives and educational campaigns.

The meeting underscored the importance of regulatory compliance, innovative recycling solutions, and collaboration in achieving a sustainable and competitive market.