2nd Local Working Group in Bled, Slovenia

Date: 27.03.2024
On March 27, 2024, at Hotel Astoria Bled, the second Local Working Group meeting, focusing on advancing circular practices within the hospitality sector. The session began with a presentation on findings from the CIREVALC micro-level analysis, highlighting local pioneers’ efforts in circular practices. Insights from the CEFoodCycle project followed, which analyzed by-products and residuals in catering, specifically within the operations of Hotel Astoria Bled. Additionally, small-scale actions by students and SMEs in gastronomy were showcased, aimed at innovatively utilizing food waste. Ideas and projects to support re-using cooking surpluses and residuals were also discussed by local working group members, aiming to enhance local food value chains. Hotel Astoria Bled was identified as a potential “Circular Food Hub,” facilitating networking, knowledge transfer, and innovation in sustainable business models within the hospitality industry.