Want to compost? In the city?

In Person
Location: Hungary
Date: 31.05.2024
In our workshop, we will talk about the theoretical background of composting, organic materials and their treatment, the methods of collecting urban organic green goods and the possibilities of using them. We will also touch on the topic of plant blindness.

The practical part of the workshop is the examination of the soil brought from home using homemade methods, which can be a guideline for proper soil improvement. We will get to know the green goods that are formed in everyday life and their appropriate layering, composting methods.

Our speakers are committed to implementing urban composting and a circular approach.

Speakers: Rita Reiner, horticultural technician, project manager of the horticultural branch of Compocity Kft. and Balázs Zsolnai, creative gardener, head of the horticultural branch of Compocity Kft.

The event is free, but registration is required to participate. Registration: here

If you can not attend the workshop either, do not worry,  because we are going to create education materials about the topic in Engish and National laguage too.