TRANSGEO at 37th International Geological Congress 2024 (IGC)

In Person
Location: Busan, Republic of Korea
Date: 25.08.2024 - 31.08.2024

The International Geological Congress (IGC) is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization whose meetings are held in collaboration with, and under sponsorship of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). IUGS holds its General Assemblies in conjunction with Sessions of the IGC. The main purpose of the Congress is to encourage the advancement of fundamental and applied research in the Earth sciences world-wide.​

The theme of this Congress will be “The Great Travelers: Voyages to the Unifying Earth.”

August 25-31, 2024 | BEXCO | Busan, Republic of Korea

Project TRANSGEO will be presented by Dr. Ferenc Fedor, in T34 – Energy and Carbon Neutrality, Session 1: Geothermal energy, geoenergy, geopower, geoheat, earth energy – oral presentation

Fedor, F., Kovács, J., Márton, Gy., Bődi, K., Friddell, J.E., Hofmann, H.: TRANSGEO Project – How to reuse abandoned oil and gas exploration wells, opportunities and constraints in Hungary


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