TRANSGEO at 2nd Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit

In Person
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 20.09.2024

The Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit is a unique initiative that aims to explore the potential of geothermal energy in Central and Southeastern Europe by connecting the different segments of the industry and strengthening the cooperation between the stakeholders of the geothermal sector.

20 September 2024 | Hotel Kempinski | Budapest, Hungary

TRANSGEO project partner University of Pécs will participate, by speaker Dr. Ferenc Fedor – Hungarian professional manager of the project. In TRANSGEO consortium he cooperates with project partners BVH NK Kft. (Mining Property Utilization Nonprofit Ltd.) in promoting the reutilization of the state-owned abandoned wells for geothermal energy production.

More information here: Dr. Ferenc Fedor, Proffesional Manager, TRANSGEO project

Website: 2nd Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit