The Regional workshops for mapping of barriers and opportunities for circular and digital construction_CZECH REPUBLIC

In Person
Location: Czechia
Date: 22.11.2023
By: ReBuilt
Czech Green Building Council as the only Czech project partner in the consortium organized a specific workshop related mainly to continuation of initial mapping. The mapping has been initiated soon after the project ReBuilt started and its content has been several times discussed during relevant events and meetings before they introduced first draft of the mapping files.

The Workshop helped broaden their knowledge in the area on one hand and bring deep overview of the project ReBuilt to relevant stakeholders.

Main findings:

  • They have to endorse existing national strategy for circular economy and support creation and monitoring of ambitious but feasible action plan.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry for Environment are the most crucial partners.
  • It is necessary to fill gaps in quality data about existing state of the art in circularity and digitalization.
  • They have to focus on “powerful” stakeholders that can help us accelerate and push for better legal and less bureaucratic construction environment. Powerful means big organizations, well and longtime established organizations or some state entities.
  • Find synergies with organizations having similar goals, e.g. Incien (Institute for Circular Economy).