The Regional workshops for mapping of barriers and opportunities for circular and digital construction_CROATIA

Location: Croatia
Date: 27.03.2024
By: ReBuilt

The regional workshop was designed to offer more personal, in-depth approach, resulting in very focused discussion on the topics chosen:

  1. Identification of relevant policies, strategies and legislation and
  2. barriers, potentials, and social acceptance of circular construction to cope with the issues that Croatia is facing:
  • About 6 million tons of waste is produced in Croatia every year (about 1.5 tons per person per year).
  • Croatia’s economy is only 2.7% circular.
  • Most of this waste comes from the construction sector and households.
  • The waste management system in Croatia relies mainly on landfilling; 58% of the municipal waste produced in Croatia ends up in one of 80 active landfills in the country.
  • Illegal landfilling remains a long-lasting problem.
  • The construction and demolition waste sector have large material and carbon footprint and were also affected by the devastating earthquakes of 2020 and the related surge in construction and demolition waste.
  • Only 5% of construction waste is recovered in Croatia.