The Regional workshops for mapping of barriers and opportunities for circular and digital construction_AUSTRIA

Location: Austria
Date: 11.12.2023
By: ReBuilt
In the frame of Activity A1.1 “Initial Mapping of Stakeholders and the State-of-the-Art in central European construction and spill-off sectors”, a workshop on “Circular and Digital Construction in Austria – Current status and educational gaps” was held online in collaboration with the Climate Lab. The objective was to identify the state of the art, barriers and potentials of implementing circular and digital construction practices in Austrian education programmes. In an initial impulse phase good practices were presented by presenters from the stakeholder groups university, architecture and small and medium enterprises (SME). The presented inputs laid a foundation for the two focus groups. Group 1 specialized on university students whilst group 2 gathered vocational students and industrial stakeholders (architecture, construction industry and SME).