The good-practice workshop for “Monitoring visitors and their impacts on the environment”

Date: 29.06.2023

Within the INTERREG CE Project HUMANITA, we are looking for knowledge from good-practice owners as practitioners, and scientific institutions around the world into the monitoring of the environmental impacts of tourism inside protected areas. In the workshop, 52 participants including project partners gained insights into the use of modern technologies like acoustic sensors, wildlife cameras, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to monitor the impact of visitors on the environment. These advanced tools help us assess the effects on wildlife, vegetation and erosion, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of human-nature dynamic. During the workshop, 8 exemplary case studies of good-practice owners who have successfully employed these technologies were showcased. The workshop was divided into three thematic sessions – visitor monitoring, monitoring of wildlife, erosion and trampling monitoring. Presenters’ experiences and insights will serve as valuable resources for participants, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. The entire recording of the workshop is available here: