Testbed Open Day: Automation and Robotics

In Person
Location: Kuřim, Czechia
Date: 27.02.2024

The Testbed Open Day focused on the latest trends in automation and robotics, specifically targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The aim was to encourage these businesses to adopt advanced technologies in their operations. The event featured various industry leaders and experts who shared insights and demonstrated cutting-edge automation and robotics solutions.

The event was attended by a diverse group of participants, with feedback collected from 39 respondents, representing about two-thirds of the attendees. The feedback highlighted the overall success and high satisfaction with the event:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): 9.2 – indicating strong attendee recommendation.
  • Organisation Rating: 9.8 – reflecting excellent event management.
  • Expectations Met: 9.1 – showing that the event largely fulfilled participant expectations.

Key Feedback from Participants:

  • SCHUNK: Highlighted the unique opportunity to discuss rarely covered topics and engage with numerous new customers. Expressed a positive outlook for future attendance.
  • SMC: Appreciated the event’s alignment with industry trends and valued the competitive insights gained.
  • ACAM: Reported establishing three strong contacts and anticipates 2-3 more promising leads. Noted the value of the presentations, specifically mentioning Kaloda and Bortlik’s contributions.
  • SERVIND: Thanked the organizers for a well-executed event and expressed eagerness for future collaborations.
  • ACT-IN: Praised the high turnout and the opportunity for extensive networking.

The event facilitated individual connections between customers and suppliers, laying the groundwork for potential business partnerships and further technological adoption. The positive feedback and high engagement levels underscore the event’s success and set a promising foundation for future editions.