Seminar on Grant Funding for Technological Startups in Bratislava

In Person
Location: Slovakia
Date: 18.05.2023
On May 18, 2023, Bratislava hosted a seminar focusing on Grant Funding for Technological Startups, where Cirevalc, was introduced by partner BIC Bratislava. Held at the Centre for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic, this event was organized by the National Contact Points for the Horizon Europe programme in conjunction with experts from the Enterprise Europe Network.

The seminar provided an invaluable platform for Slovakian technology startups, offering insights into non-repayable financial opportunities through grants and essential support services. Attendees gained practical knowledge on leveraging these resources to validate innovative concepts, successfully launch products or services, and enhance company value ahead of investor engagements.

Central to the seminar was a panel discussion that guided participants on strategic grant utilization, alignment with investment strategies, and the development of customized financing approaches tailored to startup needs.