Roundtable Parma

In Person
Location: Parma, Italy
Date: 05.10.2023

In October 2023, Città di Parma & Ciac came together for an insightful roundtable as part of our Interreg project GEtCoheSive.
The aim? To kickstart a pilot action focused on enhancing governmental practices to include vulnerable groups in participatory processes.
During the discussion, they tackled significant challenges that resonate with all our project partners: Disproportionate Expectations, Communication Difficulties, Language Barriers, Distrust of Institutions, Misinformation Discrepancies, Limited room for expression, Slow bureaucracy, and Scarce Resources — all leading to frustration.
But watch out! They brainstormed creative solutions to tackle these obstacles, including: “Decision Maker’s Dinner” raffle, Weeks of Other People’s Stories, Hug Cabins, Itinerant Listening Figures, and Role Reversal: A Week on the Street.
Now, the moment our team has been anticipating is almost here! Stay tuned to learn how our partners in Parma and all other partner cities have shaped their pilot. Exciting updates coming your way in the upcoming weeks!