TASK4ISI Kick-off Meeting

Location: Krakow, Poland
Date: 24.06.2024 - 25.06.2024

The two-day Kick-off Meeting will bring together all project partners to discuss the project’s objectives, outline the workplan, and establish the framework for effective cooperation.

Day 1, on June 24th, will begin with a welcome session, followed by presentations from each partner outlining their role and contributions. Key sessions will cover the overall project objectives, management processes, communication strategies, and a meeting of the Steering Committee. The day will conclude with a social dinner, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and informal discussions.

Day 2, on June 25th, will delve into detailed workshops on creating and running ISIHUBs (Inclusive and Sustainable Innovation Hubs), developing a Transnational Network, and reviewing existing policies and strategies related to inclusive entrepreneurship. A highlight of the day will be the press conference where project leaders and experts will present the project’s impact and goals. The press conference will be moderated by Dr. Bartłomiej Biga and feature panelists such as Dr. Magdalena Zajączkowska, Project Manager TASK4ISI, Dr. Piotr Kopyciński, Director of the Malopolska School of Public Administration at KUE, Dr. Rafał Solecki, Director of the Małopolska Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Monika Hiroń, Expert on social and professional reintegration from FRDL MISTIA. The event will conclude with a session to finalize the executive action plan and validate the project timeline.